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At Cathect Architects we’re firm believers that a space is built on two foundations: physical and emotional. While brick and mortar hold it up, it is the aspirations of those who inhabit it, that hold it together. This is why our approach to architectural creation is a consultative one. This approach extends to projects of all kinds, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Our aim is to keep you at the center of all design activity, right from the blueprints to the ribbon cutting. We bring to the table years of professional expertise in bridging the gap between your vision and dream for your space, and the technical know-how needed to bring it to life.

– Neha Jain  & Rishab Jain



Neha Singhal Jain

The Principal Architect

A member of the Council of Architecture, India since 2010, Neha brings with her over a decade of experience in architecture, interior and urban design. She has worked on projects across the globe from corporate and residential projects in Noida and Gurgaon, India to corporate projects in Turkey, Egypt and the United Kingdom.
Her work has been recognized by several national and international design bodies for her unique creativity and ability to understand a space and breathe life into it. Apart from providing creative practical space solutions, she looks after client management and team development.

Rishab Jain:

The Principal Architect

A member of the Council of Architecture, India since 2010, Rishab has experience with commercial offices in the retail, leisure, and corporate sector. His capabilities include strategic analysis of the site, design development, construction drawings, documentation, site supervision and visual presentation.

His curiosity for spatial design and its influence on urban ecologies enable him to reinvent the wheel, push the boundaries of architecture and provide architectural solutions that are unique to the needs of his clients.

Rakesh Jain

Design and Build Advisor

Dilip Kumar

Procurement Manager


Creative Director

Roshan Kumar

Master Carpenter


Head Electrician

No designer works and flourishes alone. We are proud to have such an amazing team of designers who work and grow with us each day





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