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The Cathect Effect

At Cathect Architects we’re firm believers that a space is built on two foundations: physical and emotional. While brick and mortar hold it up, it is the aspirations of those who inhabit it, that hold it together. This is why our approach to architectural creation is a consultative one. This approach extends to projects of all kinds, whether residential, commercial or industrial. Our aim is to keep you at the center of all design activity, right from the blueprints to the ribbon cutting. We bring to the table years of professional expertise in bridging the gap between your vision and dream for your space, and the technical know-how needed to bring it to life.
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Our Services

We have both design, and design-build capabilities. Having a well-established network in the architectural and construction sector and a talented in-house resource pool, our team has the capability to provide the following services:

Why should we work together

Together we will work with you through the entire timeline of your space development.

Decoding your brief over your favorite cuppa

Working out a budget that suits you without compromising on your vision for the space

Planning the roadmap for architectural, interior and engineering design

Project Management from start to finish

Networking and coordination with multiple vendors

Communicating with you at every step of the way – with final design implementation post approval

Post completion services

Services that boost our efficiency

3D Modelling

What sets us apart is the ability to bring your space to life before we even break ground via our 3D Modelling technologies. Through this service you are able to visualize every component of your space and help us as we map the final blueprint to execute.

Space Matrix

Coordination between the various components of large-scale construction is key to completing a project on time. To increase efficiency, we have developed proprietary methodologies that combine design, project management, construction, and technology teams into one place – Space Matrix. This single point design-and-build service delivers high quality construction projects faster, and at a competitive cost. It also reduces snags, shortens schedules and accelerates close-out times.

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